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Ontario Businesses Can Apply Now for the Canada-Ontario Job Grant

Small, medium and large employers across Ontario can now apply for the Canada-Ontario Job Grant to invest in skills training for new and existing employees.

Ontario is also exploring opportunities to launch additional employer-focused skills training pilots to test different ways of partnering with employers to address gaps in skills training. Stay tuned for two new pilot programs, the Canada-Ontario Job Grant: Customized Training and the Canada-Ontario Job Grant: UpSkill.

Funding for the Canada-Ontario Job Grant is provided by the Government of Canada through the Canada Job Grant. Programs are delivered by the Government of Ontario.

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Ontario's Colleges Creating a Highly Skilled Workforce

A report released by Colleges Ontario shows how the province's 24 public colleges are preparing graduates for a wide range of careers in the new economy. Read the report, Ontario's Colleges: Creating a Highly Skilled Workforce for the New Economy, and find out how colleges are preparing people for successful careers.

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