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Building the Workforce of Tomorrow

The Premier's Highly Skilled Workforce Expert Panel released its final report, which will help Ontario develop an integrated strategy to meet the needs of our dynamic economy for today and tomorrow. Building the Workforce of Tomorrow: A Shared Responsibility

Connecting Young People with Jobs

If you're a young person or student looking for a job, you can get help from these Employment Ontario programs designed to help youth of all backgrounds and circumstances.

Plan your education and career

Young worker

  • Discover our online tools to choose your field of study, and explore your career path.
  • Explore employment outcomes, graduation rates, and student loan default rates at an Ontario university.

Learn more about the new Ontario Student Grant

Frequently Asked Questions and the Answers, OSAP Transformation Budget 2016.

Ontario On Track to Modernize University Funding

Ontario has taken the next step to develop a new sustainable, transparent and quality-driven provincial university funding formula.
Bulletin: Ontario On Track to Modernize University Funding

Private career colleges

What you need to know about attending a private career college in Ontario.

Seeking input on a postsecondary international education strategy

Working with students, faculty, institutions, and select community partners, Ontario is developing a comprehensive postsecondary international education strategy that will help create stronger opportunities for international collaboration, research and innovation, ensuring Ontario’s postsecondary system remains globally competitive.

Read the report and provide feedback.

Major Programs and Initiatives

Postsecondary students

Get help paying for school

Are you looking for assistance to help pay for school? Learn more about the grants, loans and tools that are available to help pay for your education.

Employment Ontario

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We're Employment Ontario and we want to help you get the training, skills and experience to achieve your goals.

Postsecondary students

Study in Ontario

Right now over 37,000 international students from around the world are studying in Ontario universities and colleges.