Career Finder

Need help deciding on a career? Here are some great places to learn about which careers are in demand and how to find a career that matches your interests and personal goals.

Which careers are in demand?

The Ontario Job Futures website provides information about the demand for many different occupations in Ontario.

The Ontario Labour Market Information Guide can help you understand and use labour market information to study the demand for various occupations.

The Ontario Skills Passport website can help you develop the skills and attitudes that are in demand in all careers and occupations.

How can I choose the right career for me?

The Career Navigator and Quizzes from Service Canada can help you learn about careers, and find the career that matches your abilities and interests.

You can find Occupational Descriptions on this website, as well as links to many career planning resources and websites.

The Made with the Trades website can help you explore careers in the skilled trades.

You will find links to many career planning tools in the Career Search Resources section of this website.

Where can I learn more?

Talk to a professional counsellor and get the help you need to plan your career, get training, and find a job by consulting the Find an Employment and Training Service feature of this website. You can use the map feature on this website to find a service in your area.