Downsizing and layoffs

Facing downsizing or layoffs? Help is available for both organizations and employees.

What kinds of help are available?

The Federal government Work-Sharing Program can help employers avert temporary layoffs by providing income support to workers who are willing to work a temporarily reduced work week.

The Adjustment Advisory Program (AAP) assists employers and unions in communities across Ontario to initiate the establishment of Adjustment Committees and Action Centres to assist laid-off workers.

Employment Insurance (EI) provides temporary financial help for unemployed Canadians while they look for work or upgrade their skills.

Where can I learn more?

Talk to an Employment Ontario service provider in your community and find out if apprenticeship is right for you. You can use the map feature on this website to find this service in your area..


Learn more about the many programs available to help unemployed Ontarians find a job, build their skills, or start a Second Career.