Training and Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship training involves a combination of on-the-job training on your work site, and in-class instruction for apprentices. Here are the key facts every employer should know about apprenticeship programs, and how they can help you maintain a skilled workforce.

The ministry has a guide to provide you with more detailed information on how to hire and train apprentices.

How can my company benefit?

You can learn about the many employer benefits of apprenticeship on this website.

How do we get started?

You can contact an apprenticeship office to learn more about apprenticeship programs in your area. There are many different paths to apprenticeship, and many opportunities for you, as an employer to recruit apprentices. These include:

Co-Op Diploma Apprenticeship Programs allow students to get apprenticeship training while earning a college diploma.

The Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) allows students to begin their apprenticeship training while they are still in high school.

The Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program helps students develop the job skills they will need before beginning an apprenticeship.

For businesses that have unique training needs under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Ontario's training system provides industrial sectors with Modular Training Programs that provide effective solutions to meet your specific situation.

To check the credentials of an apprentice or journeyperson, visit the Ontario College of Trades public register of members.

What employer incentives are available?

The Apprenticeship Training Tax Credit can help you reduce your training costs.

The Ontario government also offers an Employer Signing Bonus when employers register new apprentices who meet the eligibility criteria, and an Apprentice Completion Employer Bonus for each apprentice the employer trains that completes his or her apprenticeship, receives a Certificate of Apprenticeship and where, applicable, a Certificate of Qualification.

Where can I learn more?

Talk to an Employment Ontario service provider in your community and find out if apprenticeship is right for you. You can use the map feature on this website to find this service in your area.