Employment Ontario Employment Service

Employment Ontario helps Ontarians find work. We provide resources – such as information about who's hiring in your community — as well as personalized advice and services to help people assess their skills and experience, find work and start on the path to skills training. We also help employers hire people with the skills they need.

I want to hire

If you operate a business in Ontario, we can help you attract and recruit the employees with the skills you need – from posting employment opportunities, helping to identify human resource skill requirements, and matching position and workplace requirements to a participants' skills, capabilities, interests and experience. 

Employers may be eligible for financial incentives to offset some of the costs of providing on-the-job training and work experience.

I want to work

We can help in a number of ways. We provide:

  • an assessment of your skills and experience,
  • information about different careers and occupations,
  • local labour market, employment and training opportunities,
  • information about all Employment Ontario programs and services, as well as
  • advice about and referral information to other community services and support.

You can learn about developing effective job search strategies including resumé preparation.

Depending on your particular employment needs and career goals, a service counsellor will determine whether you need more individualized assistance and support to help you develop your career and set goals, assess your skills and interests, and prepare you for interviews and employment.

You may be eligible for on-the-job training and/or work experience support, and in some cases, additional support to help keep you at work.

Who is it for?

  • Everyone can access the self-service information and resources provided by our service partners, including people with jobs, those who are under-employed, people looking for work, students, apprentices, internationally trained individuals and employers.
  • More intensive assisted services – such as personalized job search, job matching and placement, and job retention services – are for people who are unemployed and out of school. A service counsellor will assess your eligibility for participating in these programs based on your skills, education, experience, interests and career goals.

How can I get more information?

Call the toll-free Employment Ontario hotline at 1-800-387-5656, or TTY (telephone service for the Deaf) 1-866-533-6339 for more information about locating an Employment Ontario assessment centre in your community. You can visit us on the web at www.ontario.ca/employmentontario