Questions and Answers for Employers


  • What is the Canada-Ontario Job Grant?
  • What kind of training will be covered by the grant?
  • How much funding is an employer eligible to receive through COJG?
  • How can I apply for a Job Grant?
  • How do I find out the status of my application?
  • What kind of role do employers have in the Canada-Ontario Job Grant?
  • What is the required contribution an employer must make to be eligible for funding?
  • If the employer meets all eligibility criteria, does this mean that they are guaranteed funding?
  • Why is training supported by the Canada-Ontario Job Grant limited to one year in duration?
  • Who is administering the COJG?
  • What forms need to be completed throughout the COJG process?
  • Do people who have their tuition paid from the Canada-Ontario Job Grant have to pay tax?
  • Do employers have to pay tax on the money they receive from the ministry?

**REVISED Application Process**

  • Why were applications held on April 20?
  • How are applications submitted after April 20 assessed? What is this new assessment tool?
  • How will applications submitted on and prior to April 20 be assessed?
  • Can employers who have received COJG funding in the past re-apply?
  • How will applications be assessed?
  • Must an employer have all of the trainees chosen when submitting an application for funding?
  • Where does an employer submit a completed application?
  • If I have submitted a question regarding the program to one of the ministry mailboxes or a service provider, how long will it take to obtain an answer?

Application Form

Employer Eligibility

  • Which employers are eligible for the Canada-Ontario Job Grant?
  • What is a consortium and is it eligible for funding?
  • Can an employer access COJG funds more than once?
  • Can a single employer have more than one training agreement running concurrently?
  • Can an individual apply directly for the grant?
  • Do Schedule 2 employers under WSIB, still qualify under the COJG program eligibility criteria?


Participant Eligibility

  • What individuals are eligible for the Canada-Ontario Job Grant?
  • Can trainees participate in training more than once?
  • For individuals who are on Ontario Works, are they able to continue receiving their benefits if taking part in COJG?
  • Are individuals with 900 series SIN numbers eligible to participate in the COJG?
  • Are there specific criteria (aside from self-identification) that will be used to determine whether a person with a disability qualifies for disability training supports, such as assistive devices?


  • Are job placements eligible for COJG funding?
  • What are the exceptional circumstances for placing an unemployed individual?
  • Can an employer receive placement incentives for the same individual through Employment Services or Youth Employment Fund and COJG?

Additional Information/ Questions