Questions and Answers for Employers


  • What is the Canada-Ontario Job Grant?
  • Who is administering the COJG?
  • How much funding is an employer eligible to receive through COJG?
  • What kind of role do employers have in the COJG?
  • What is the required contribution an employer must make to be eligible for funding?

Employer Eligibility

  • Which employers are eligible for the COJG?
  • What is a consortium and is it eligible for funding?
  • What is a broader public sector organization?
  • Are crown corporations eligible for funding?
  • Can an employer access COJG funds more than once?
  • Can a single employer have more than one training agreement running concurrently?
  • Do Schedule 2 employers under WSIB, still qualify under the COJG program eligibility criteria?

Training Eligibility

  • What kind of training is covered by the grant?
  • What is an eligible training institution?
  • How do you determine if a training institution is in compliance with the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005?
  • Why is training supported by the COJG limited to one year in duration?
  • Does the training need to happen in 12 consecutive months, or can it be 12 months but extend over one year (e.g., multiple modules with breaks in between)?
  • Is in-class apprenticeship training eligible under the COJG?
  • Is mandatory certification/training eligible for funding under the COJG?

Individual Eligibility

  • Can an individual apply directly for the grant?
  • Who is eligible to participate in training funded through the COJG?
  • Are individuals paid on commission eligible for COJG?
  • Are individuals with 900-series Social Insurance Number (SIN) eligible to participate in the COJG?
  • Are business owners or shareholders eligible to participate in the COJG?
  • Can trainees participate in training more than once?
  • For individuals who are on Ontario Works, are they able to continue receiving their benefits if taking part in COJG?
  • Is there specific criteria (aside from self-identification) that will be used to determine whether a person with a disability qualifies for disability training supports, such as assistive devices?

Application Process

  • Must an employer have all of the trainees chosen when submitting an application for funding?
  • Where does an employer submit a completed application?
  • What forms need to be completed for the program?

Application Assessment

  • How will applications be assessed? What is the COJG Assessment Tool?
  • If the employer meets all eligibility criteria, does this mean that they are guaranteed funding?
  • How long will it take to assess the application?

Application Form

  • What does company-specific training mean?
  • What are the definitions of the training categories listed in the application form?
  • What are the definitions of the type of skills listed in the application form?
  • The application form asks for information on “incumbent” and “new hires”. What does that mean?
  • Why does the application request information on the future state of the trainees?
  • What does an employer do if the training request is greater than $25,000 but there are not three, viable training institutions?
  • Can an employer request more than one training type on one application?

Employment Insurance



Job Placements

  • Are job placements eligible for COJG funding?
  • What are the exceptional circumstances for placing an unemployed individual?
  • Can an employer receive placement incentives for the same individual through Employment Service or Youth Job Connection and COJG?

Additional Questions

If an employer has questions about the Grant and application process:

  • Please contact the Employment Ontario Contact Centre at their toll-free number: 1-800-387-5656, or through the TTY line: 1-866-533-6339, or on the ministry's website. General information on the grant can be found on the employer window.