Employment Ontario Leadership Awards

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible to nominate a service provider?

Clients and volunteers of service providers are all welcome to submit a nomination. A service provider can also self-nominate their organization for an EO Leadership Award.

Can I submit more than one nomination?

Yes. An organization may submit a maximum of one nomination per category (i.e., Innovation, Collaboration and Customer Service). Under the Collaboration award, this limit applies to the lead organization only – other organizations participating in the collaboration are welcome to submit a nomination for a different achievement. The nominator, whether that is the organization itself, a client or volunteer, will need to complete a nomination package for each category. Please see the instructions for how to submit a nomination package.


Can a submission be made without letters of support?

A minimum of 3 letters are required for submission of each nomination, and without the letters of support the nomination will be deemed incomplete.

What if I am unable to submit my nomination by the due date?

Only complete nomination packages received by 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on March 24, 2016 will be considered. We encourage you to start your application early to avoid any last minute challenges.

Can a submission be made without photos? What kind of pictures/photos should be included?

No. At a minimum, a photo of the nominee(s) is required for each submission.

We also encourage nominators to include photos that are illustrative of their achievement. For example, for the collaboration category, applicants may submit a photo with their collaboration partners. For the innovation category, applicants may submit a photo demonstrating the innovation or the effect of it on their organization. For the customer service category, applicants may submit a photo that illustrates the impact their exemplary customer service has had on the client.   

Please ensure that you have completed the consent form and included it with your submission. You can find copies of this consent form included in the nomination package.


When will the award winners be announced?

The award winners will be announced at a ceremony on May 2, 2016. More details about the event will be announced later this spring. The award winners will be posted on this page shortly after the award ceremony.

How many award winners will there be?

There will be two award winners in each category (innovation, collaboration and customer service).

Who can I contact if I have questions or need assistance?

Please contact the EO Leadership Awards team at EOAwards@ontario.ca and someone will be happy to help you.