Employment Ontario Information System - Case Management System (EOIS-CAMS)


The training curriculum for service provider staff, who will use the EOIS Case Management System, is based on their role and responsibilities and how the system will support the performance of responsibilities.

Online modules have been created to introduce staff to system concepts as well as specific system functionality. Based on their role, staff will be required to complete certain online modules in a sequential order. This pre-requisite approach will enable staff to develop a foundation of knowledge. The online modules in conjunction with the user guide and desk aids will support staff as they begin to use the Case Management System.

Interactive EO Case and Service Plan Modules

The EOIS Case Management System Interactive EO Case and Service Plan modules update the current online modules by adding interactive features that act as a simulated training environment for the user.

Module One starts with an overview of the Case Management System architecture. It then details the process of registering clients and takes the user through a number of interactive exercises.

Module Two focuses on creating service plans, which are used to manage the services clients receive. The interactive exercises take the user through this process from start to finish.

Module Three focuses on updating the service plan in CaMS as the plan is executed and completed. There are a number of interactive exercises, including setting up reviews.

The online training modules are available for download as ZIP files, below. For each module, extract the files and open the file “story.html” in your web browser. Note that this content is not copyrighted; providers may make copies of the online training modules for distribution to staff.

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