Employment Ontario Information System - Apprenticeship (EOIS-APPR)

Training Delivery Agent

Approved TDA users will have access to EOIS-APPR for the purpose of:

  • Tracking Schooling: Pre-class, Post-start date and Post-finish date activities:
    • Recording a client’s response to an offer of classroom training
    • Confirming a client in a class
    • Enrolling a client in a class
    • Validating class participation and locking class enrolment
    • Entering or changing class results
    • Viewing TDA contract information
  • Maintaining TDA information (e.g. addresses, contact information)
  • Maintaining your Work Queue

PDF forms can only be opened in Internet Explorer. If you are using Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or any other browser, please download the PDF document to access the file.


  • Right click on the form that you want to download
  • Select “Save Link As”, or the similar wording
  • Choose the desired destination to save the form

If you are a member of the public seeking general information on Employment Ontario programs and services, please visit the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities website.

Reference Material

User Management