Employment Ontario Information System (EOIS)

The Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) continues with the transformation of Employment Ontario (EO) to a customer focused, integrated service delivery network committed to delivering high-quality employment programs and services across Ontario.

To support this initiative, the Employment Ontario Information System (EOIS) Project was established to develop and implement computer systems to support the administration of EO programs and services.

EOIS is not a single, stand-alone system but an ‘umbrella’ term used to describe a combination of various computer systems that will be responsible for supporting the administration of Employment Ontario programs and services.

Stakeholder access to the various programs within EOIS is through the Government of Ontario’s secure online registration service, ONe-key. ONe-key verifies identity and authorizes secure access.

The first time you use the ONe-key security system, you will need to create an account, establishing your unique ONe-key ID and password. This is a one-time process. In future, the only security information you will need to access EOIS online is your ONe-key ID and password. Access to the various programs within EOIS will require enrolment and authentication codes.

EOIS is composed of the following systems:

EOIS User Engagement

In spring 2016, an Employment Ontario Information Systems (EOIS) User Engagement Strategy was developed. The strategy included the establishment of an EOIS External Reference Group and designing a streamlined process for collecting feedback from all system users. Engaging users throughout all phases of the system development lifecycle (i.e., planning, design, testing, implementation and support) is important because it results in an application that is an accurate reflection of users’ needs and promotes user confidence.

October 5, 2016, was the inaugural meeting of the new EOIS External Reference Group. This group consists of EOIS user representatives from across the province, who bring a breadth of user experiences to the discussion table (e.g., length of system use, user role, expertise, etc.). The kick-off meeting was an exciting and energized event with Employment and Training Division Assistant Deputy Minister David Fulford in attendance.