Employment Ontario Information System (EOIS)

The Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (MAESD) continues to transform Employment Ontario (EO) to a customer-focused, integrated service delivery network committed to delivering high-quality employment programs and services across Ontario.

To support this initiative, the Employment Ontario Information System (EOIS) was established to develop and implement a combination of computer systems to support the administration and delivery of EO programs and services.

Stakeholders can access EOIS through the Government of Ontario’s secure online registration service, ONe-key. It verifies identity and authorizes secure access.

The first time you use ONe-key, you will need to create an account, establishing your unique ONe-key ID and password. This is a one-time process. Access to the various programs within EOIS will require enrolment and authentication codes.

EOIS is composed of the following systems:

EOIS User Engagement

The EOIS External Reference Group (ERG) has played a vital role since its inception in the spring of 2016 to improve the Employment Ontario Information System. This 25-member group is made up of service provider representatives across the province with a breadth of experience on the EOIS systems. They work with ministry staff throughout the system development lifecycle, providing insights for improvement and helping co-design digital solutions to better meet EO clients’ needs.

Consultations began in late 2016, using a human-centred design approach with the ERG and ministry staff. These conversations resulted in my.eois — a digital knowledge and support platform intended to increase communication channels with staff and service providers.

The my.eois platform is expected to launch in early 2018 offering access to self-serve resources, such as user guides, desk aids and frequently asked questions. People can also check on EOIS systems status and read important announcements, such as system outages and enhancements.

The EOIS community will also be able to submit inquiries through an online ticketing tool, receive status updates, participate in discussion groups and select user preferences on notification alerts.

The ERG, now a part of the Finance, Analysis and Systems Support Branch’s day-to-day operations, will continue to provide feedback on a prototype of the platform before its official launch. Our division remains committed to building engagement and collaboration with the EO network.