Employment Service (ES)

Employment Service offers a range of resources, supports and service components to respond to the career and employment needs of individuals and the skilled labour needs of employers, and can help individuals on a path to higher skill training and employment. The five components of the Employment Service provide a highly flexible tool kit of services that can be customized to a client‘s particular needs.

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If you are a member of the public seeking general information on Employment Ontario programs and services, please visit the Employment Ontario website.

Administration and Agreements

Business Planning

Employment Service (ES)

Key changes to 2019-2020 Employment Ontario transfer payment agreements

New reporting requirements for Labour Market Transfer Agreement-funded Employment Ontario programs

Performance Management System

Strategic Monitoring

Monitoring each ES-YJL site’s performance is essential to supporting continuous improvement. The purpose of strategic monitoring is to promote the effective and efficient use of tools and resources, enable ministry staff and service providers to optimize resources, and identify service providers that require greater support to target areas that require improvement through monitoring.

Tools and Resources