Supported Employment

Supported Employment is based on an evidence-based model that provides employment services to people with disabilities who want more intensive support services.

Ontario is rolling out this program in phases over several years. Starting in April 2018, the first communities – Belleville, Cornwall and Timmins – began helping clients find work that meet their individual career goals. Learning from our experience in these three communities, Ontario will take a measured approach to making Supported Employment available in other communities across the province. Ontario will use feedback from service providers, stakeholders, the broader community, and individuals accessing the program to inform improvements or adjustments, if needed, for future planning.

Key changes to 2019-2020 Employment Ontario transfer payment agreements

New reporting requirements for Labour Market Transfer Agreement-funded Employment Ontario programs


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If you are a case worker or a community agency supporting a person with a disability, or a person looking for general information about the suite of employment and training services available to assist people with disabilities, please visit the Employment Ontario page. You can contact an Employment Ontario representative for information or use the search tool to find a service provider that can help.

You can visit this page to find updates about the program. We will post training materials, guidelines, and other communications as they are available.