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CaMS Bulletin
CaMS 2016-1


EOIS-CaMS Release 6.0

The purpose of this bulletin is to provide Employment Ontario service provider organizations, with an update on EOIS-CaMS Release 6.0 and the related resources.

The ministry is pleased to announce that Release 6.0 of EOIS-CaMS was launched to all service providers and ministry staff on April 18th, 2016. As highlighted on March 24th, 2016 in “EO Memo # 2016-15,” this release of EOIS-CaMS supports many of the operational changes that took effect in the 2016/2017 fiscal year.

following items are the key enhancements introduced with EOIS-CaMS Release 6.0. For detailed instructions regarding the enhancements, service providers are encouraged to review the updated “EOIS-CaMS Service Provider User Guide” which will be published in the upcoming weeks.

Youth Job Link (YJL) Service Plan Template

EOIS-CaMS has been updated to support the case management of Youth Job Link (YJL) clients. This includes:

  • A specific YJL Service Plan Template type
  • A customized YJL Participant Client Summary to allow for the collection of important client data including program-specific suitability indicators.
  • Functionality to support the reporting of YJL aggregate level workshop and client/employer data.

Youth Job Connection: Summer (YJCS) Service Plan Template and Disabling of the YJC After-School Service Plan Template

To support the transition from Youth Job Connection After-School to YJCS, a YJCS Service Plan Template type will become available with the launch of EOIS-CaMS Release 6.0. The YJC Temporary After-School template is no longer available.  Existing YJC After-School service plans can continue to be managed through to closure, after which follow-up reviews will continue to generate.

Corporate Employer Management

All employer data captured in EOIS-CaMS will begin using a new structure to support corporate and branch site relationships. All employers, including those with only one location, will be registered with a corporate entity. The majority of the data collected will continue to be captured under the existing employer profile. Employers participating in placements will need to be associated to a corporate entity before placement plan items can be saved within service plans. A number of other small changes to the collection of employer data have also been implemented to ensure alignment with the revised EO Employer Registration form.

COJG Application Approval Functionality

The COJG application approval functionality has been enhanced by adding a new Approval tab. This tab displays a comparison between the application values originally submitted by the employer, or consortia, and any edited values within EOIS-CaMS. The Approval function also now resides within this new tab so that all changes to the application can be reviewed prior to approval.

If an approved application is forwarded, such as in the case of a Ministry Local Office forwarding an approved application for over 25 training participants to a service provider, the organization receiving the forwarded application will be able to view the original submitted values, as well as the final approved values within the Approval tab. Applications that are forwarded in a status other than approved will “reset” to the values originally submitted by the employer or consortium.

COJG Employer/Consortium Online Application Form

To meet the requirements of the JFA, the COJG Employer/Consortium Online Application form has been updated. Application forms downloaded prior to April 16th, 2016 will be accepted until May 31st, 2016. Applications submitted using the version of the form downloaded prior to April 16th, 2016 will not contain values for two new fields: "Expected Credential" and "What type of skills will be gained with the training you are requesting?" These fields must be captured from the employer directly, and are required for application approval and the creation of the COJG Employer Service Plan.

Job Fund Agreement (JFA) Indicators

The Performance Management Framework for the Canada Job Fund Agreement (JFA) with Provinces and Territories will result in changes to the scope of data collected on exit/closure and follow-up reviews in Release 6.0. These changes affect three programs in EOIS-CaMS: COJG, Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) and Second Career. In the one-year period from April 17th, 2016 to April 17th, 2017 there will be two unique sets of follow-up questions: one for cases closed before April 17th, 2016 (i.e., the current follow-up questions) and one for cases closed after April 16th, 2016 (i.e., the new follow-up questions).

LBS Enhanced Learner Plan Interim Closure Process

Due to the JFA indicator-related changes to LBS closure questions, the Enhanced Learner Plan cannot close service plans within EOIS-CaMS until a future system update scheduled for summer 2016. To close an Enhanced Learner Plan in the interim, all information except the closure details (Section H. Close Service Plan) can be updated prior to upload. After upload, the service plan can be closed directly in EOIS-CaMS.

EOIS Reports

In Release 6.0, several reports have been updated to support the JFA requirements and other EOIS-CaMS enhancements.  The following is a list of reports that have been modified:

  • COJG: Report 91, Report 92, Report 93 and Report 95
  • EOSS: Report 43
  • ES: Report 15C and Report 16
  • LBS: Report 60D and Report 64
  • YJC: Report 110C, Report 111 and Report 112

Important Note: Data files are not being modified during the April 18th, 2016 EOIS-CaMS Release.  Structural changes to the data files will be implemented in the coming weeks, and will be communicated to service providers prior to the release date.  Stay tuned for future report modifications in June 2016.

A few more items in EOIS-CaMS

The following notable items have been introduced as enhancement within this release:

  • LBS Entry Assessment Tool: New values have been included within the drop-down menu, as well as the value “None” has been removed from this list.
  • Referral Outs: Additional new program Referral Outs have been included within the plan item selection page to improve service coordination.
  • Level of Education: The “Grade 12 or Equivalent” drop-down item label has been updated to standardize across programs.

Release 6.0 Resources

To support Release 6.0, the ministry is updating system resources to assist service providers. 
For example, specific “EOIS-CaMS Service Provider User Guide” chapters will be updated to reflect the changes implemented in this release.  These chapters will be available, later this month, under the “Guides and Resources” section of EOIS-CaMS on the Employment Ontario Partners’ Gateway (EOPG).

Thank you for your patience during the roll-out of EOIS-CaMS Release 6.0.  Service provider feedback has and will continue to assist the ministry with system enhancements.  Please direct any Release 6.0 questions or concerns to your MTCU regional office.

Thank you.

Finance, Analysis & Systems Support Branch
April 2016