Employment Ontario Information System (EOIS)

SP Connect/2016-1
Service Provider (SP) Connect Bulletin

EOIS-SP Connect Release 3.1


EOIS-SP Connect Release 3.1 is expected to be implemented over the weekend of February 13th, 2016. This release includes the ability to manage agreements and subsequent amending agreements within the system.

Instead of managing agreements via external email with PDF attachments, the system will now provide an email notification when the agreement is available on the Dashboard, and allow for signing and submitting the agreement on-line.

In order to facilitate on-line signatures, service providers must advise their ministry contact of the names of any individuals who have the authority to sign an agreement on behalf of their organization. The Signing Authority is the person(s) responsible for signing legal documents on behalf of the organization, and it is mandatory to have at least one person designated with this contact type.

Please also ensure that the Corporate Contact noted in SP Connect is correct and the organizations' contacts are completely up-to-date. The system allows for an individual to be a Signing Authority, as well as the Corporate Contact.

Information required for each individual noted above includes:

  • First and last names
  • Title
  • Contact Type
  • Telephone
  • Email

Please note that Signing Authority users must be set up in EOIS-CaMS if they do not already have the Service Provider Submission Authority (SPSA) role in SP Connect. The Service Provider Registration Authority (SPRA) for the organization must complete the user registration(s) prior to February 15th, 2016. User management instructions can be found on Employment Ontario Partners’ Gateway (EOPG).

A signed hard copy of the agreement is still acceptable.

Action Required

  1. Ensure SP Connect users are registered in CaMS due prior to February 15th
  2. Submit updated contact information to ministry contact due prior to February 15th

Release 3.1 Resources

To support Release 3.1, the ministry plans to develop and update resources to aid service providers with the changes. The “EOIS-SP Connect Service Provider User Guide” chapters have been updated to incorporate the changes implemented by the new release. These chapters can be found under the Guides and Resources section of EOIS-SP Connect on the EOPG.

We thank you for your patience during the roll-out of EOIS-SP Connect Release 3.1. Service provider feedback has and will continue to assist the ministry with system enhancements. Please direct any Release 3.1 questions or concerns you may have to your MTCU regional office.

Thank you.

Finance, Analysis & Systems Support Branch February 2016