Employment Ontario Information System (EOIS)

SP Connect/2016-2
Service Provider (SP) Connect Bulletin

EOIS-SP Connect Release 3.2


EOIS-SP Connect Release 3.2 is expected to be implemented on May 16th, 2016. This release includes the ability to complete the Statement of Revenue and Expenditures (SRER) within SP Connect.

Instead of managing the SRER via external email with PDF attachments, the system will now provide an email notification, when the SRER is available on the Dashboard, and allow for completing and submitting the SRER online. Please note that SRERs will appear on the dashboard based on the business schedule. Should an Auditor's report be required, this can be uploaded as a PDF into the system. 

Service provider feedback has and will continue to assist the ministry with system enhancements including some changes for Release 3.2.  For suggestions to improve the system, please use the Feedback option within SP Connect. If you have technical issues with the system, do not use the Feedback within SP Connect; please follow the Support Model detailed in the Start-Up Kit found in the Guides and Resources section of EOIS-SP Connect on the EOPG.

Action Required

There is no action required for this release.

Release 3.2 Resources

To support Release 3.2, the ministry plans to develop and update resources to aid service providers with the changes. The “EOIS-SP Connect Service Provider User Guide” chapters will be updated to incorporate the changes implemented by the new release. These chapters can be found under the Guides and Resources section of EOIS-SP Connect on the EOPG.

A “what’s new” summary of changes will also be provided in May.

Thank you.

Finance, Analysis & Systems Support Branch April 2016