Employment Ontario Information System (EOIS)

Reports Bulletin
EOIS/R 2016-1


EOIS-CaMS Release 5.4

The purpose of this bulletin is to provide Youth Job Connection (YJC) and Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) service delivery organizations with an update on new YJC reports, YJC-related modifications to existing reports and corrections that have been made to LBS reports. These changes take effect on February 15th, 2016, on the EOIS Service Provider Reporting Website as part of EOIS-CaMS Release 5.4.

Youth Job Connection (YJC) Reports

With EOIS-CaMS Release 5.2 in October, 2015, the first phase of YJC reports were made available with the launch of Report 111 YJC Case Activity Report and Report 113 YJC Data Files. The second phase of YJC reports will now be made available as part of EOIS-CaMS Release 5.4. These include:

  • Report 112 YJC Employers Report: includes client-level YJC employer profile and related placement and expenditure data, grouped by employer. This report will first run on February 16, 2016.
  • Report 110 YJC All Data Report: summarizes YJC participant placements and employer profile data based on service plan start date. This report will first run on March 7, 2016.

YJC data has also now been included in the following existing reports:

  • Report 19A Service Provider Follow-up Cases
  • Report 20 Inactive Cases

Updates to Time out of Work field

For Employment Service (ES) and YJC, the Time Out Of Work field in the service plan Client Summary contains slightly different selection options than the participant forms for those programs. These forms will be realigned in April 2016. In the interim, the following should be designated in EOIS-CaMs:

  • If the form indicates a Time Out Of Work value of “More than a Year” select the “1 Year to 6 Years” option in EOIS-CaMS.
  • If the option of “Greater than six years” is known, then “More than 6 Years” should be selected. 

For existing service plans any edits to the Client Summary will prompt an update to this field.

Corrections to French LBS Detailed Service Quality Report

Report 64 Literacy and Basic Skills Detailed Service Quality Report has been updated to include corrections to French terms in the report as well as its associated detailed reporting user guide. The English version of the report is unaffected by these changes.

Release 5.4 Resources

To support Release 5.4, the ministry is updating system resources to assist service providers.  For the new and updated reports, the Detailed Reporting Guides will be published to the Guides and Resources page of the Employment Ontario Partners’ Gateway in the coming weeks.

Report 114 YJC Detailed Service Quality Report will be released in March 2016. This report will include the core measures of the YJC Performance Management Framework.

Thank you for your patience during the roll-out of EOIS-CaMS Release 5.4.  Service provider feedback has and will continue to assist the ministry with system enhancements.  Please direct any Release 5.4 questions or concerns to your MTCU regional office.

Thank you.

Finance, Analysis & Systems Support Branch
February 2016