Youth Job Link


Provide youth, including students, between the ages of 15 and 29 who face few barriers to employment with access to non-intensive employment & career resources and information.

Client Profile

Youth, including students who are between the ages of 15-29, who do not face significant barriers to employment.


  • Short duration career exploration workshops to increase knowledge of career options and the labour market.
  • Short duration career management workshops to provide youth with personal management & life, work decision making skills to foresee, anticipate and adapt to labour market change.
  • Short duration job search and readiness workshops to provide youth with the skills to
  • conduct an independent job search and with on-the-job skills to effectively integrate the workforce.
  • Job matching to connect youth with employment opportunities, including summer jobs.

Individual Eligibility for Supports and Incentives

Service Providers receive two types of flow through funding: (a) Individual-focused Employment Supports (b) Employer Incentives.  Financial incentives are only available for youth participating in the Job Matching component.

To be eligible for incentives and supports, youth must:

  • be 15-29;
  • be an Ontario resident;
  • eligible to work in Ontario; and,
  • have no previous work experience.

Employer Eligibility for Incentives

All employers are eligible for job matching services.

The Employer Incentives are intended to encourage employers to hire youth identified by the service provider who are unable to make job linkages themselves. The employer incentives are not a wage subsidy.

Section 3.2.2 of the YJL guidelines describes the eligibility criteria for employer incentives.

Strategic Use of Supports and Incentives

The following criteria should be used to prioritize the youth benefiting from supports and whose employer may receive incentives:
youth ages 15 to 19

  • student status
  • market perceptions
  • rural and remote communities
  • disadvantaged economic background

Employer Incentives should not be provided unless the youth matched with the employer
is determined to be a priority. The following criteria should be used to prioritize which employers may receive incentives:

  • Small employers (ten or fewer employees)
  • Not-for-Profit Employers

Financial Incentives

  • Up to $300 is available per participant, for a combination of Individual-focused Employment Supports and Employer Incentives.
  • Individual-focused Employment Supports can be used to offset work- related costs such as transportation, work clothing and equipment.
  • Employer Incentives are intended to encourage employers to hire youth identified by the service provider.
  • Up to $600 is available in addition to the $300 maximum for employment supports for youth with disabilities.

Section 3.2.3 of the YJL guidelines describes the criteria service providers should use to prioritize the use of financial incentives.

Performance Management

As a Resource and Information based program (activity-based), YJL will only have customer service and efficiency bdimensions of service quality. The standards are the same as ES but YJL performance will not filter into the ES Service Quality Standard.