Hon. Reza Moridi, Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities

Hon. Reza Moridi Reza Moridi was elected into the Ontario Parliament in 2007 and re-elected in 2011 and 2014 to represent the riding of Richmond Hill.  He serves as Minister of Research and Innovation, as well as Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities.  He is the Chair of the Cabinet Committee on Education, Skills and Economy Policy and he sits on the Priorities and Planning Cabinet Committee.   

Moridi has served as Parliamentary Assistant to the Minster of Training, Colleges and Universities, Minister of Research and Innovation and Minister of Energy, respectively. He has also served on the Parliamentary Standing Committees on Public Accounts, General Government and Justice Policy.

Moridi has introduced parliamentary motions proclaiming the first day of spring as Nowruz, February 21st as International Mother Language Day and May 1st as Doctors’ Day in Ontario. He also introduced a private member’s bill to amend the Municipal Act 2001 to provide that the Chair and CEO of York Region must be elected by popular vote.  He led government bills through the House and Committees to establish the Ontario College of Trades and Algoma University and to amend the College’s Collective Bargaining Act with respect to part-time staff.

Reza Moridi is a graduate of Tehran University, Iran (BSc and MSc) and Brunel University London, UK (MTech and PhD).  For his original contributions to physics and engineering, Moridi was elected Fellow of the Institute of Physics and Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology of the UK.  In recognition of his contributions to the understanding of nuclear materials and radiation, the Canadian Nuclear Society presented him with the Education and Communication Award.  Also, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the profession of Health Physics, the Health Physics Society of the USA presented him with the Fellow Award.  For his extensive community and humanitarian work, Moridi has received numerous awards and recognition.

Prior to entering into politics, Reza held a 17-year career at the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada where he was the Vice-President and Chief Scientist.  He also worked in the electrical industry as an executive and in academia as a professor and administrator.

In his current role, Moridi’s extensive political, business, academic, training and scientific backgrounds provide him with the knowledge and experience required to bridge the research, academic and skills training communities with business and government.