If you are intending to apply to Second Career

Request an appointment to learn how we can help.

Talk to staff about your experience, skills and interests. Explore the options that may be right for you. Together you can develop a personal plan to return to work.

Choose a new career with good job prospects in your area. You can learn more about the variety of jobs in Ontario by visiting here. Once you decide on a career, you will need proof that the job is in demand in your area. Talk to your counsellor about the best way to determine if there is local demand for a specific job.

Choose a training course from a community college or a private career college. You need to research courses offered by at least three institutions – many provide training courses over the Internet.

Prepare and submit an application for financial assistance from Second Career. Your counsellor can help you prepare.

Please remember that the Ministry's approval for Second Career funding is separate from college acceptance. Both approvals must be obtained before you start classes.

Our counsellors will help you every step of the way.