Summer Jobs Programs

2011 Ontario Summer Jobs Program

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Thinking about a summer job, but don't know where to start?

The Ontario Summer Jobs program can help.

It connects students and employers helping them find and fill summer jobs.

With the Ontario Summer Jobs Service you can search and market your self to potential employers.

You can join the Ontario Rangers and work outside and help the environment.

Or work for Ontario in a variety of positions in the public services.

Start your own summer company.

We'll give you hands-on business coaching, mentoring, and up to $3,000.

The Aboriginal Youth Work Exchange Program provides Aboriginal youth eight-week work placements in the summer.

The Summer Law Student Program gives law students the opportunity to work within the Ontario government to develop practical legal skills.

And we're helping businesses, farms, and not-for-profit and other community organizations by offering them a $2 per hour hiring incentive.

The program is open to students aged 15 to 30, who plan to return to school in the fall.

Job search support is available year round and summer job placements can begin as early as April.

We'll help you get a summer job.