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Welcome to the Postsecondary Education Partners' Gateway – a resource for ministry and sector stakeholders, as well as students and their families.

Find information on industry guidelines, updates, reports and legislation. You can also find out about student loan default rates, graduation rates, and graduate employment rates by program and institution.

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International Postsecondary Education Strategy

Download "Educating Global Citizens", Ontario’s plan to improve the student experience for both domestic and international students, support economic growth and ensure a sustainable postsecondary education system.
(PDF, 1.4.MB, May 2018)

Career Ready Fund

Find out how to get funding to offer hands on learning opportunities for college and university students.

A new French-language university for Ontario

Ontario has introduced legislation to create a new standalone French-language university in Central and Southwestern Ontario. The new university will increase the availability and range of French-language postsecondary programs in the region. Learn more about the proposed new French-language university.

Transforming Ontario's Postsecondary Education System

Learn about Ontario's Postsecondary Education transformation:

Supporting Success for Indigenous Learners

Ontario is committed to increasing Indigenous peoples' access to and success in postsecondary education.
Learn more

Ontario Graduate Policy Research Challenge (OGPRC)

Are you currently enrolled in or recently graduated from a graduate or post-graduate program at a publicly assisted Ontario university or college? Is your research focused on postsecondary education, employment or labour market issues? If so, the Ontario Graduate Policy Research Challenge might be for you.

OSAP Default Rates and Repayment Assistance Usage Rates

To help students assess the financial risk and learn about prior student loan borrower outcomes, the ministry collects and publishes the following indicators by institution and program for Canada-Ontario Integrated Student Loan (COISL) recipients:

  • OSAP default rates
  • OSAP Repayment Assistance Plan (RAP) usage rates
  • combined OSAP Repayment Assistance Plan usage and default rates

Learn more: OSAP loan repayment results

Graduation Rates and Graduate Employment Outcomes
Public Institutions

Graduation Rates and Graduate Employment Outcomes — Private Institutions in Ontario

Review of Ontario's Labour Market Related Postsecondary Credential Mix

In April 2014, the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities hired the Social Research and Demonstration Corporation to review the mix of labour market focused credential options and opportunities available in Ontario's publicly assisted postsecondary education system to ensure successful student and labour market outcomes. Learn more

Performance Requirements of Private Postsecondary Institutions

Private postsecondary institutions that offer programs in Ontario must meet specific performance requirements in order for their students to be eligible to receive financial aid through the Ontario Student Assistance Program. Version 11, June 2017.