Minister’s Binding Policy Directives, and Operating Procedures

Colleges of applied arts and technology are established and governed by the Ontario Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology Act, 2002 and Regulations for the Act: O.Reg. 34/03. A policy framework, consisting of a number of documents, sets out the roles and responsibilities of colleges in more detail than in the Act and regulation. Three types of policy framework documents are used to convey this information:

  • Minister's Binding Policy Directives that define the ministry's expectations for the college system to comply with the Act and regulation.
  • Operating procedures that set out specific requirements and procedures to comply with the Act, regulation and/or Minister's Binding Policy Directives.
  • Resource documents that set out suggested or best practices, which colleges may choose to use at their discretion.

Documents identified as “Temporarily Unavailable” and previous versions of the documents below are available by request to

Governance and Accountability

Finance and Administration


Resource Documents

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Published College Program Standards

College Memo Summaries

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