International Student Program (ISP)

Applying for status as a Designated Learning Institution

Foreign nationals seeking to attend a postsecondary learning institution in Ontario in a program of study that is six (6) months in duration or longer must obtain a study permit and attend a Designated Learning Institution (DLI). Ontario grants postsecondary institutions the status as a DLI for the purposes of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations, which is often referred to as the International Student Program (ISP).

Postsecondary institutions applying to become a DLI are encouraged to review the following resources:

Application Forms

Forms to apply for a first-time designation or to renew an existing designation are available from Forms Ontario:

Each type of form is fillable. Download it and save it on your computer while you complete the information required.

Note: An ISP designation is site-specific. Applications must be made for each campus or branch location requiring the ISP designation. Please refer to the ISP Requirements, 2015 and ISP Application Guide, above.

If you have any questions about the ISP Requirements, the application forms or the general process, please email