International Student Program (ISP) – Frequently asked questions

Section 1: General questions

  1. What are the requirements of the International Student Program (ISP)?
  2. What will happen if I choose not to seek designation under the ISP?
  3. Who is eligible to become designated?
  4. Will all institutions need to sign Designation Agreements with the Ministry?
  5. Would my institution remain on the List of Designated Learning Institutions permanently, once added?
  6. Is there a deadline for application submissions?
  7. How long does it take for the Ministry to process an application?
  8. I operate a language institution and have a partnership with another institution. Do I need to apply for designation?
  9. The ISP Requirements, 2015 and the Private Institution ISP Application Guide state that all of my campus and branch locations need to be designated. How are "campus" and "branch location" defined?
  10. When will our information appear on the IRCC website?
  11. Who will student enrollment be reported to and how will IRCC monitor this?
  12. What are the reporting requirements under the ISP?

Section 2: Questions related to the application for designation

  1. In Section A, Institution Information, how do I complete the projected international student section?
  2. My educational institution provides different types of training and I am unsure what type of institution is most applicable to me (e.g. PCC with consent to offer a degree; PCC operating a language program under the same legal entity). In Section B, under Institution Type, where do I enter an 'X'?
  3. I operate five campuses, but only wish to seek designation for three of them. How do I proceed?
  4. What does Contract with the Accredited Body in Section 10 of the Program of Study refer to?
  5. What is a Notice of Assessment?
  6. My submission is complete and ready for submission, but one document is outstanding (e.g. the institution's Audited Financial Statements were not submitted). Can I still submit my application or should I wait?
  7. How will my application be assessed?
  8. Is there a website available and on what particular date will I be able to review and confirm that my institution is on the List of Designated Learning Institutions?
  9. Can I submit the application in person and hard copy?
  10. Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

Section 3: Questions related to the designation criteria

  1. As a charitable institution, we do not submit Income Tax Statements as requested in criterion 3. Would the T3010 Registered Charity Information Return be an appropriate substitute?
  2. What kind of Audited Financial Statements does the Ministry require?
  3. Why does the Ministry require Audited Financial Statements?
  4. How do I obtain an AFS?
  5. When does a PCC or a non-PCC institution have to establish a trust account?
  6. Who are the beneficiaries of a trust account?
  7. How much money does a private institution that is not a registered PCC and is not subject to the Post-Secondary Education Choice and Excellence Act, 2000, need to deposit into a trust account?
  8. When can a private institution that is not a registered PCC and is not subject to the Post-Secondary Education Choice and Excellence Act, 2000, withdraw tuition revenue from a trust account?
  9. What is a "recognized financial institution" for the purpose of trust accounts?
  10. What areas of the facility will Site Assessors review?
  11. Will site assessments be pre-arranged with institutions and who will be conducting site assessments?
  12. I operate a registered private career college. Can I expect a site assessment?
  13. The Private Institution ISP Application Guide states that advertisements or promotional activities which appear in languages other than English or French must be translated. Translated by whom?
  14. Undergoing quality assurance can take several years. Can I submit my Application for Designation in the meantime? How will I be evaluated?
  15. The ministry sent our institution an International Student Consent Form for immediate use. How are we expected to implement this form?