Private Career Colleges (PCC)

Thinking of attending a private career college? Protect yourself! Check first to see if it is registered!

The decision to go to a private career college is a very important one. Students need to do their homework before they enrol.

What is a private career college?

A private career college is an independent business that prepares students for a specific job, or gives them specific skills, such as computer skills. There are more than 500 registered private career colleges in Ontario.

Are there special standards for private career colleges?

Yes. Private career colleges operating in Ontario must be registered and must have their programs approved by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. The act that governs private career colleges is called the Private Career Colleges Act. This act ensures that private career colleges meet certain standards for the programs they offer, as well as advertising, refund policies, and instructor qualifications.

What happens if I enrol in an unregistered college or an unapproved program?

If a private career college is not registered and it is offering an unapproved program, it is breaking the law. If you enrol in an unregistered college or an unapproved program, you won't be protected by the Private Career Colleges Act.

What kinds of programs do they offer?

Private career colleges offer certificate and diploma programs in many fields such as:

  • Business
  • Health services
  • Human services
  • Applied arts
  • Information technology
  • Electronics
  • Services
  • Trades

Who are these programs suited to?

Private career colleges often appeal to people who:

  • Need specific job skills to join the work force
  • Have academic qualifications and want to add to their practical skills to become more competitive in the job market.

How are programs offered?

Private career colleges often work with small groups of students rather than large classes, and offer:

  • Flexible learning schedules
  • Enrolment at many different times during the year
  • Compressed programs that deliver training over a short time.

Where can I find a private career college?

You can search for a private career college on this website.