Private Career Colleges (PCC): Permission to Copy

Permission to Copy

Permission is hereby granted to the following institutions to reproduce this document, in whole or in part, in print or by electronic means, for the following specific purposes, subject to the conditions that follow:

  1. By an education institution for the purposes of implementation of the program standard within a program of instruction, including for the purpose of informing students, potential students, program advisory committees, or others about programs of study,
  2. By an educational institution or school, for the purpose of informing prospective college students about programs of study offered at that institution


  1. Every reproduction must be marked “© Queen's Printer for Ontario” at the beginning of the document or any part of it that is reproduced.
  2. No other uses may be made of the document.
  3. The document may not be reproduced for sale.
  4. The Ministry may revoke the permission to reproduce at any time.

If copies of these standards, in whole or in part, are required for other purposes or by other organizations or institutions, permission to copy must be obtained from the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.