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Reading, Writing and Math

Whether you're looking to pursue post-secondary studies, apprenticeship training, secondary school credit, employment or greater independence, Ontario's Literacy and Basic Skills program can point you in the right direction.

The Literacy and Basic Skills program helps adults who want to improve their reading, writing and math skills in order to achieve their goals.

You can take classroom courses or learn online. Programs are free. The Literacy and Basic Skills program is available in English and French for people who have been assessed as having limited literacy and skills (below Grade 12 of the Ontario curriculum). There are also specific programs for deaf people and Indigenous learners.

To find a class near you, call Employment Ontario (1-800-387-5656), request an appointment to talk to a counsellor, or search the Employment Ontario website for "Literacy and Basic Skills."

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Learning Online

For those in rural or remote communities who may find it a challenge to participate in-person, the e-Channel service offers web-based learning.

E-Channel serves Anglophone, deaf, Francophone and Indigenous Ontarians no matter their goal, be it employment, apprenticeship, secondary school credit, post-secondary or independence.

For more information, call Employment Ontario (1-800-387-5656) or search the Employment Ontario website for "Literacy and Basic Skills."

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Getting Your High School Diploma

Many school boards offer courses to help you get your high school diploma (the Ontario Secondary School Diploma).

School boards may offer classes during the day or at night to make it easier for working adults. These may include distance learning, or teacher-led online courses.

Contact your local school board if you need help picking courses or have questions.

The Independent Learning Centre offers many credit courses to do at home.

Services are free. To find classes in your area, call Employment Ontario (1-800-387-5656), TTY (telephone service for the deaf) 1-866-533-6339. You can also search under "Adult High School Credit Programs" on the Employment Ontario website.

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Learning English or French as a Second Language

If you are new to Ontario, you can learn English or French as a beginner or at higher levels. You can also get special language training that can help you:

  • Learn about Canada and Ontario
  • Learn what you need to pass the Citizenship Test
  • Prepare for language tests, such as the Test of English as a Foreign Language
  • Improve your language skills for specific jobs.

To learn more or to find classes in your area, visit Learn English or French.

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Getting ready to work in Ontario (for newcomers)

You can get help if you were trained outside of Canada and you want to work in your trade or profession.

Training programs called Bridge Training help people who were trained outside of Canada move quickly into the labour market. Each program is different, but many include:

  • An assessment of your education and skills
  • Work placement
  • Language training for your trade or profession
  • Learning plans to identify any added training you may need
  • Preparation for license or certification exams.

Ontario Bridging Participant Assistance Program – Frequently Asked Questions

To learn more about bridge training programs, visit Working in Ontario.

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