Degree Authority in Ontario

The Application Process

Step 1:

Should you have any questions about whether the activity you are considering is subject to the Post-secondary Education Choice and Excellence Act, 2000, whether your organization is public or private for the purposes of an application for consent, or if you have any questions about the application process, contact the Universities Branch of the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities at 416-325-1953.

Step 2:

Review the legislation and regulations. Identify the category (public/private) to which your organization belongs under the definition in Regulation 279/02.

Step 3:

Read the Minister's Guidelines that pertain to your category of organization. The Minister's Guidelines summarize the Act and the application requirements, and provide information on other matters pertaining to the Act.

Step 4:

Review the requirements of the Postsecondary Education Quality Assessment Board (PEQAB) for your category of applicant to determine the kinds of information you will need to submit for the review and the process to be followed.

Step 5:

In accord with the Minister's Guidelines, submit the application fee, the letter of application to the Minister, and an application in accord with PEQAB requirements.