Transforming Ontario's Postsecondary Education System

Transforming Ontario's Postsecondary Education System

Ontario is working with its partners to transform the postsecondary education system.
The overarching goals for postsecondary education transformation in Ontario are to:

  • Support student success and access to a high quality Ontario postsecondary education;
  • Increase the global competitiveness of Ontario's postsecondary education;
  • Build on and help focus the well-established strengths of Ontario colleges and universities while avoiding unnecessary duplication; and
  • Maintain an efficient and financially sustainable postsecondary education system.

To help guide the sector, the province is strengthening its stewardship role and promoting a more coordinated approach.

Ontario's Differentiation Policy Framework for Postsecondary Education (November 2013)
Ontario is taking the next step in transforming its postsecondary education system by helping institutions build on their individual strengths, ensuring students continue to have access to a quality postsecondary education in innovative and affordable colleges and universities.

With feedback from universities, colleges, student groups and other sector partners, Ontario's Differentiation Policy Framework will support the negotiation of Strategic Mandate Agreements between the province and its postsecondary institutions. (PDF, 265 KB)

Strategic Mandate Agreements (August 2014)
Ontario has achieved a major milestone towards differentiation by signing Strategic Mandate Agreements with its publicly-funded colleges and universities. Click on a link below to view the Strategic Mandate Agreement of a postsecondary institution. Learn more about the signing of the agreement.

Major Capacity Expansion Policy Framework (December 2013)
Ontario has introduced a plan to guide major capacity expansions at postsecondary institutions, ensuring students have access to spaces where they are needed most. The Major Capacity Expansion Policy Framework defines criteria for where new or expanded campuses should be located. (PDF, 461 KB)

Guidelines for Major Capacity Expansion Call for Proposals (March 2014)
Ontario has issued an open call for proposals to postsecondary institutions to expand capacity in areas where student demand is strong and where there are gaps in access to an undergraduate degree. Clear guidelines on how proposals will be evaluated were included with the call for proposals.

Notices of Intent
The ministry received 27 Notices of Intent.