TO: ES Service Providers

FROM: Teresa Damaso, Director, Program Delivery Support Branch

DATE:   April 13, 2016

SUBJECT: ES Service Provider Guidelines

MEMO #:  ES2016-01


The purpose of this bulletin is to advise the Employment Service delivery network that revised ES Service Provider Guidelines have been posted to the EOPG.  Guideline changes become effective as of April 1, 2016.


The ES Service Provider guidelines have been revised as follows:

  • reformatted for accessibility and consistency between EO guidelines
  • updated Appendix I to reflect the new Service Quality Standard
  • Youth Employment Fund references removed
  • Youth Job Link references added
  • Removal of the Ministry’s ACE-INA insurance coverage for placement employers.

Please refer to the October 15, 2015 Revised Service Quality Standard (SQS) memo as well as the recently posted ES, YJC & YJCS Ministry ACE INA Insurance Coverage memo for further details regarding the new SQS and the removal of the ACE-INA insurance coverage.

If your organization has any questions, please contact your Employment and Training Consultant (ETC).