Subscribe to Employment Ontario Partners' Gateway with RSS

A Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed allows users to get alerts when content on a website is updated. When you subscribe to the Employment Ontario Partners' Gateway RSS feed RSS you will get alerts when there is an update on the site, ensuring you never miss an update on the EOPG.

How to subscribe through Outlook email

Step One: Select the RSS feed

  1. Copy this URL:

Step Two: Add the RSS feed to your email

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook. On the left sidebar you will see a folder called "RSS Feeds."
  2. Right click on the RSS Feeds folder.
  3. Select "Add a New RSS Feed..."
  4. A pop-up prompt will open asking you to enter the location of the RSS feed.
  5. Paste (ctrl+v) the link into the address box. Click “Add.”
  6. A warning pop-up box will open asking if you trust the RSS feed you are about to add. Click "Yes."
  7. You are now successfully subscribed! Going forward, you will be alerted in Outlook every time a new update is made. To read the new content, open it as you would an email and click the links to be taken to the content.

Subscribing through another email tool or web browser

  1. Consult the RSS feed instructions for your specific email tool (e.g., Gmail, Apple Mail) or web browser (e.g., Chrome, Safari, Firefox).