Ontario Labour Market Partnerships

Labour Market Partnerships

The Labour Market Partnerships program supports partnerships among employers, employer/employee associations, and community organizations. The program is intended to help partners to:

  • Promote the creation of broad industry/community partnerships necessary to address labour market issues
  • Assist local communities with the development of innovative strategies to prepare for future skills requirements and prevent skills shortages within new and emerging industries and organizations
  • Plan for effective utilization of local human resources
  • Develop and promote labour market intelligence and its use in labour market development

What types of projects are eligible for support?

The Labour Market Partnerships program supports projects that:

  • Address a labour market issue
  • Include two or more partners, contributing financial or in-kind resources
  • Are finite, with clear start and end dates
  • Are not dependent upon future funding
  • The amount awarded to each project will vary depending on the project.

    Preference is to be given to industry sectors that are experiencing one or more of the following:

  • Projected growth rates in high-demand occupations
  • Current or emerging issues significantly impacting human resource requirements or labour market adjustment needs
  • Current or projected skill shortages
  • Highest potential for value-added growth and innovation
  • How can I get more information?

    Call the toll-free Employment Ontario hotline at 1-800-387-5656, or (416) 326-5656 in Toronto, for more information about how to access services of the Ontario Labour Market Partnerships program in your area.

    Alternatively, find out more about the Ontario Labour Market Partnerships program by contacting your local Ontario Employment Assistance Services office. You can search for the phone number and location of an Ontario Employment Assistance Services office in a specific community by visiting www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/search.html.