French Language In-Class Enhancement Supplemental Fund (FLICESF)

The purpose of the French Language In-Class Enhancement Supplemental Fund (FLICESF) is to provide support to Training Delivery Agents providing In-school, French-language Apprenticeship Training. Specifically, the purposes of the fund are to:

  • Encourage access to relevant seat purchase apprenticeship programs for the Francophone population by proposing innovative models and approaches to French-language Apprenticeship In-school Training delivery;
  • Identify and address gaps in the current French-language Apprenticeship In-school Training delivery system (e.g. recruitment of French-language instructors, lack of French-language training materials) to ensure the program offering is relevant to the needs of the work force and Francophone learners;
  • Support the identification and development of new French-language Apprenticeship In-school Training programs, through evidence-based analysis that satisfies the evolving nature of Ontario‚Äôs economy;
  • Support innovative approaches to marketing and promotion of the trades to Francophone communities as an excellent career choice;
  • Promote training delivery, French-language network collaboration and employer engagement to support initiatives to improve the French-language Apprenticeship In-school Training system.


Tools and Resources

Documents to support FLICESF agreement reporting requirements are only developed in the French language.