Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS)

Performance Management System

To ensure all government services are delivered to consistently set standards throughout the province, the Ontario government relies on performance management systems to support high-quality customer service and outcomes in a manner that is transparent and accountable. In short, they support the delivery of efficient, effective, customer-oriented services.

The Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) Performance Management System (PMS) includes three inter-related components: the LBS Performance Management Framework, Continuous Improvement, and Business Intelligence.

The LBS Performance Management Framework (PMF) includes dimensions of service delivery and core measures to assess service provider performance and overall performance of the LBS program.

To assist service providers in implementing the LBS Performance Management System (LBS PMS) training sessions were held across the province in early 2013 and fall 2014.

Learner Gains Research Project

LBS Performance Management System Training: Phase 1

The LBS PMS Training demonstrates how the three key components of the LBS PMS support service providers to deliver effective, efficient, customer-focused and sustainable services across the LBS provincial network.

To further understand the LBS PMS, the participant training guide, slide deck of the training presentation, and supporting appendices are available below:

LBS Performance Management System Reports Training: Phase 2

The LBS PMS Reports Training demonstrates the value of data integrity and how the information collected in EOIS-CaMS is used to evaluate site performance and inform decision-making and continuous improvement.

To further understand the LBS PMS Reports, the participant guide, trainer guide and slide deck of the training presentation are available below:

Employment Ontario Information System – Case Management System (EOIS-CaMS)

The Employment Ontario Information System (EOIS) was established to support the transformation of Employment Ontario (EO) to a customer focused, integrated service delivery network committed to delivering high-quality employment programs and services across Ontario.

EOIS is not a single, stand-alone system but an ‘umbrella’ term used to describe a combination of various computer systems that will be responsible for supporting the administration of Employment Ontario programs and services.

EOIS-CaMS enables the ministry to review client information as it pertains to the programs and services they receive. In the LBS Program, learner information is entered into the CaMS system and each step of the learner’s pathway is recorded within the one learner file. The learner file can be used by multiple service providers.

The EOIS-CaMS page on the Employment Ontario Information System website contains a number of resources for service providers to assist in using the EOIS-CaMS system, including user guides, training curriculum, frequently asked questions and an LBS data dictionary. (August 13, 2012)


All LBS agreements are subject to monitoring of expenditures, activities and results. Monitoring helps the ministry determine how effectively organizations are performing, and provide support and feedback related to an organization’s outcomes and activities.  Monitoring is conducted throughout the duration of the agreement through a combination of off-site and on-site activities.