Employment Ontario Partners' Gateway Acronyms

A - D E - H I - N O - Z

Acronyms Description
AC Advisory Committee
ACA Apprenticeship and Certification Act
ACAATO Association of Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology (renamed Colleges Ontario)
ACCC Association of Canadian Community Colleges
ACS Apprenticeship Client Services
ADM Assistant Deputy Minister
AEF Apprenticeship Enhancement Fund
AIF Apprenticeship Innovation Fund
APT Access to Professions and Trades (renamed the Labour Market Integration Unit, Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration)
ARB Assessment Review Board
ASA Apprenticeship Support Application (renamed EOIS-APPR Application)
ASSB Apprenticeship Scholarship / Employer Signing Bonus
ATP Apprenticeship Training Program
ATTC Apprenticeship Training Tax Credit
CAAT College of Applied Arts & Technology
CCM Community Coordinator Model
CIPMS Continuous Improvement Performance Management System
CLB Canadian Language Benchmarks
CO Colleges Ontario (formerly Association of Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology)
CofA Certificate of Apprenticeship
CofQ Certificate of Qualification
CODA Co-op Diploma Apprenticeship Program
CSGC Common System for Grants and Contributions
CSPC Client Service Planning and Coordination
DM Deputy Minister
DMO Deputy Ministers Office
EA Environmental Assessment
EARAT Evaluating Academic Readiness for Apprenticeship Training
EAS Employment Assistance Services (Ontario)
EBSM Employment Benefits and Support Measures
EI Employment Insurance
ELT Enhanced Language Training
EO Employment Ontario
EOH Employment Ontario Hotline
EOIS Employment Ontario Information System
EONDF Employment Ontario Network Development Fund
EOPG Employment Ontario Partners Gateway
EPP Employment Planning and Preparation (Part of Job Connect)
ES Employment Services
ESPMS Employment Service Performance Management System
ETC Employment Training Consultant
ETD Employment and Training Division
FCR Foreign Credential Recognition
FLA French Language Act
FLSA French Language Services Act
FRO Family Responsibility Office (Ministry of Community and Social Services)
GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Practices
GAHI Gross Annualized Household Income
GED General Education Development
HAT Heads of Apprenticeship Training (Part of Colleges Ontario)
IALS International Adult Literacy Survey
IC Industry Committee
ILC Independent Learning Centre (a service of TVOntario for distance learning)
ILLMP Integrated Local Labour Market Planning
IRS Information and Referral Services (Part of Job Connect)
ISD Integrated Service Delivery
ITI Internationally Trained Individual
JC Job Connect
JCAG Job Connect Advisory Group
JCCS Job Connect College Sector Committee (Part of Colleges Ontario)
JCP Job Connect Partnerships
JDPS Job Development and Placement Support (Part of Job Connect)
JPU Journey Person Updating (Program) (discontinued)
L218 Learning to 18 (Strategy)
LAC Local Apprenticeship Committee
LTB Local Training Board
LBS Literacy and Basic Skills
LICO Low Income Cut Off
LMDA Labour Market Development Agreement
LMI Labour Market Information
LMIU Labour Market Integration Unit (formerly known as Access to Professions and Trades Ministry of Citizenship)
LMPA Labour Market Partnership Agreement
LMTD Labour Market and Training Division (renamed the Employment and Training Division (ETD), MTCU)
L4T Loans for Tools
LRC Local Review Committee
MCI Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration
MCSS Ministry of Community and Social Services
MEDU Ministry of Education
MERC Ministry Employee Relations Committee
MERC Mandatory Employment Related Costs
MLS Multi-Language Services
MO Ministers Office
MoA Memorandum of Agreement
MOF Ministry of Finance
MoU Memorandum of Understanding
MT Modular Training
MTCU Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities
NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement
NOLL National Office of Literacy and Learning (Part of Human Resources and Social Development Canada)
NWTI New Work Transition Incentive
OBS Ontario Basic Skills
ODSP Ontario Disability Support Program (Part of Ministry of Community and Social Services)
OEAS Ontario Employment Assistance Services
OEBSM Ontario Employment Benefits and Support Measures
OJB Ontario Job Bank
OJCP Ontario Job Creation Partnerships
OLMP Ontario Labour Market Partnerships
OSD Ontario Skills Development
OSEB Ontario Self Employment Benefit
OSJ Ontario Summer Jobs Strategy
OSP Ontario Skills Passport
OSSD Ontario Secondary School Diploma
OSTEP Ontario Skills Training Enhancement Program
OTWS Ontario Targeted Wage Subsidies
OW Ontario Works (a program by Ministry of Community and Social Services)
OYAP Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program
PAC Provincial Advisory Committee
PATP Pre-Apprenticeship Training Prgram
PC Provisional Certificate
PLAR Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition
PMAF Performance Management and Accountability Framework
PPC Provincial Partnership Council
PSED Postsecondary Education Division
PtoP Passport to Prosperity
RbP Results-based Planning
RRTS Rapid Re-employment Training Service
RTWAP Return to Work Action Plan
SC Second Career
SD (Ontario) Skills Development
SDAG Service Delivery Advisory Group
SEB (Ontario) Self-Employment Benefit
SHSM Specialist High Skills Major
SIF Sector Initiatives Fund
SJS Summer Jobs Service
SO ServiceOntario
SP Service Provider
SPPD Strategic Policy and Programs Division
STIP Skills Training Infrastructure Program
TDA Training Delivery Agent
TOEFL Test of English as a Foreign Language
TQAA Trades Qualification and Apprenticeship Act
TWS Targeted Wage Subsidies