Particulars of a Compliance Order

S. 49 (2) Private Career Colleges Act, 2005 ("Act")

Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities
Advanced Education Learner Supports Division
Office of the Superintendent
Private Career Colleges Branch
77 Wellesley Street West
Box 977
Toronto ON M7A 1N3

October 28, 2019

These particulars are posted following the issuance of a Compliance Order against a registered private career college by the Superintendent of Private Career Colleges pursuant to s. 46 (2) of the Act.

Original service date: October 21, 2019

Raj Singh Hari
2178404 Ontario Inc.
operating as A-1 Truck, Bus and Forklift Training School
7 – 7205 Tranmere Drive
Mississauga, ON L5S 1N4


The Superintendent has ordered 2178404 Ontario Inc. o/a A-1 Truck, Bus and Forklift Training School to stop contravening the following sections of the Act and Ontario Regulation 415/06:

Section 23 (4) of the Act – Approval required to provide vocational programs

(4) The Superintendent may approve the provision of a specified vocational program by a private career college subject to such conditions as the Superintendent may specify and may, as a condition of the approval, specify performance indicators for the vocational program and standards and performance objectives that the vocational program must meet in addition to the performance indicators, standards and performance objectives set out in the Superintendent's policy directives.

Section 41 (1) (b) of the Ontario Regulation 415/06 – Qualifications of instruction staff

(1) A private career college shall not employ a person to provide instruction in a vocational program unless,

(b) in the case of a vocation that is governed by a regulatory body that has prescribed qualifications for persons instructing students, the qualifications prescribed by the body.

Required Actions

By November 5, 2019, 2178404 Ontario Inc. o/a A-1 Truck, Bus and Forklift Training School was required by the Superintendent to provide written confirmation signed by a person with authority to bind the corporation, together with all available supporting evidence, confirming that they:

  1. Will provide your Entry-Level Truck Training program in accordance with the Act, the Regulations, and Commercial Truck Driver Training Standard (Class A) as set out by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.
  2. Shall not employ a person to provide vocational instruction unless they meet the instructor qualification requirements as set out in section 41 of the Ontario Regulation 415/06.


As of the date of this posting, the School has confirmed compliance with the Compliance Order.