University Funding Reform Consultation Reference Group


The purpose of the reference group is to provide high-level, expert feedback to the Executive Lead and Ministry on issues related to reforming university funding model.

Reference group members have no formal accountabilities or responsibilities related to the project. Group consensus on issues is not required, and the group will not be providing a final recommendation on a particular funding approach.

Current Membership

Current as of May 29th, 2015.

  • Tony Chambers
  • Dr. Catherine Chandler-Chrichlow
  • Glenn Craney
  • Marguerite Jackson
  • Mary Jo Haddad
  • Hugh Mackenzie
  • Alastair Summerlee
  • David Trick
  • Alex Usher
  • Harvey Weingarten

Members may be added to the group as deemed necessary.

Reference Group Engagement

  • The Reference Group will be notionally divided and engaged based on two areas of subject expertise. Participation in the groups may change as needed, or according to reference group member interest.  
    • Student Experience, Transparency and Accountability.
    • Model Design.
  • It is expected that the entire reference group will convene where applicable. 

Additional Notes

  • Participation in the reference group will be disclosed publicly.

Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest

  • Items related to the consultation (including the engagement and summary document) are part of the public domain and it is the intention of the consultation to be open and transparent. A significant amount of information will be posted to the consultation website, with regular updates.
  • It is the expectation that items related to options or potential approaches are likely to be covered by the advice to government and cabinet record exemptions under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA).  This is due to the fact that this work will contain options, many of which will ultimately culminate in a submission to Cabinet.
  • Reference group members will refrain from discussing these options outside of the group and in advance of any decision. 
  • Reference group members will be required to disclose actual or perceived conflicts of interest.
    • Reference group members will update the consultation team, should circumstances change.
Appendix: Engagement Timeline (Proposed)
Open Briefings
  • Current University Funding Formula (April 27)
  • HEQCO Briefing: General Considerations (May 27)
  • Ministry of Finance: Municipal Finance Model  (June 10)
  • Ministry of Health: Health-based Allocation Model (July 6)
  • Student Experience, Differentiation Policy Metrics, and Key Outcomes (TBD)

April to August


Group 1: Student Experience, Transparency and Accountability

Discussion forums on quality, metrics, and outcomes.

Group 2: Model Design

Design forums on the structure of funding model options.  

May to August

Consultation Summary

Engagement As Required

September to October