About the Consultation

Please note: Consultations concluded on September 1, 2015. The ministry is no longer accepting submissions.

Ontario consulted with the university sector on options to modernize the university funding model. Consultation participants included students, university leadership and faculty, as well as important partners such as employers, colleges, the elementary and secondary sector, and professional associations.

Ms. Herbert committed to conducting an open review and consistently demonstrated this by:

  • Participating in more than 25 events with a range of participants
  • Working with a reference group of sector experts who provided high-level advice
  • Posting detailed monthly updates on an online blog
  • Accepting more than 20 written submissions.

The consultation process focused on achieving the following principles in a reformed funding model:

  • Enhanced quality and improving the overall student experience.
  • Support for the existing differentiation process, as expressed in each university’s Strategic Mandate Agreement.
  • Financial sustainability and long-term sustainability of the postsecondary sector.
  • Increased transparency and accountability.

The government received a report on December 10 summarizing the results of its recent university funding formula model consultations. The government is reviewing the report and will carefully consider the proposed strategic directions while developing a new model for funding universities in a more quality-driven, sustainable and transparent manner.