Expanding Access to Postsecondary Education in Brampton and Milton, 2017

Questions and Answers, Technical Information Session, February 15

The ministry hosted a technical information session to provide interested institutions additional details about the Request for Expressions of Interest (REOI) and answer any questions. The REOI will support the creation of two new university-led postsecondary sites in both Brampton and Milton.

Q: Regarding the requirement that the sites must accommodate 1,000 net new FTEs. Could that include college and university enrolments combined?

Q: What if an institution partnered with a college which had another partner that didn’t require funding from the government, but the other partner had students of its own? Would those students count towards the 1,000 net new FTE requirement?

Q: Does the requirement that the sites accommodate 1,000 net new FTEs include graduate students? And would these students be funded?

Q: Is there a maximum enrolment number at the new sites?

Q: Do all four years of an undergraduate degree need to be located at these site(s)? Or, could there be an option for students to study for the first 2 years in Brampton and/or Milton and complete their degrees at another location, such as the main campus (or vice versa)?

Q: The evaluation criterion asks institutions to provide financial information. As part of the funding available, are land costs eligible?

Q: Has the ministry considered how operating funding will flow for programs and sites proposed?

Q: Is the ministry supportive of international partnerships?

Q: To submit the REOI, is there an expectation that universities have agreement(s) or MOUs in place with partners?

Q: Will responses to the REOI be made public?