Apprenticeship Capital Grant (ACG)

The Apprenticeship Capital Grant (formerly the Apprenticeship Enhancement Fund) provides capital funding for Training Delivery Agents (TDAs) to upgrade their equipment and training facilities in order to keep up with evolving technology and to train apprentices on equipment that is relevant to employers. There are two sources of funding available through the ACG: (1) ACG Base Allocation (“ACG Base”), and (2) ACG Call for Proposals (“ACG CFP”).

ACG Base Allocation: Starting in 2021-22, the ministry will commit to three years of funding for eligible college and non-college TDAs based on a funding formula. The funding formula is based on in-class training activity from the previous three fiscal years. The formula reflects the hours of apprenticeship training provided by each approved TDA and includes all delivery models.

ACG Call for Proposal: Through an annual Call for Proposal (CFP) process, the ministry welcomes eligible college and non-college TDAs to submit project proposals for additional funding, separate from the ACG Base allocation. The CFP funding can be used to supplement the existing approved base funding or for special initiatives announced in the CFP, as determined by the ministry.


Application Materials

Schedule of Events

2023-2024 Call for Proposals

2022-2023 Call for Proposals (Round 2)

2021-2024 Program Guidelines

Reporting and Monitoring

Apprenticeship Capital Grant and Apprenticeship Capital Grant - Call for Proposals reporting and monitoring processes are managed via EOIS-Service Provider Connect (SP Connect).

Desk aids and user guides on SP Connect based reporting and monitoring processes and tools are available by logging into myEOIS. myEOIS also features a notification service that automatically issues email alerts for new announcements, user guides, and calendar events, keeping you up to date on all system changes.

If you do not have access to myEOIS please contact your ministry representative.