Ontario Bridge Training Program (OBTP)

The Ontario Bridge Training Program (OBTP) is designed to help internationally trained immigrants (ITIs) get employment in the field in which they were trained or in a related field without duplicating their existing skills and education. The program targets regulated and non-regulated high-skill occupations. OBTP projects deliver targeted and short-term training to help participants meet requirements for licensure and/or registration in regulated professions, and employer needs in non-regulated, high-skill occupations.


Request for Applications (RFA) 2021

The ministry is interested in applications that fall under any of the two project categories:

  • Category A: Service Delivery Projects
  • Category B: Changing the System Projects

Applications serving all sectors with a proven labour market need will be reviewed and evaluated. However, given that the COVID-19 pandemic has presented Ontario’s labour market with specific challenges in both the healthcare and essential services sectors, in the selection process the ministry will give priority to applications intended to serve occupations having a direct contribution toward addressing the pandemic, e.g., healthcare occupations (NOC 3), cyber-security occupations (NOC 217 and 228). For more information on the definition and applications of the National Occupational Code (NOC), please visit the Government of Canada’s website.

The ministry is also interested in receiving applications under the following areas of focus:

  • Projects that prepare eligible, highly skilled ITIs qualified in occupations with low demand labour market opportunities to transfer their skills and experience into commensurate employment in alternative careers.
  • Projects that investigate and establish opportunities to engage employers in smaller, rural and remote communities to promote the workforce integration of ITIs.
  • Projects that prepare highly skilled Francophone ITIs for employment in bilingual (English and French) positions in Ontario.

More details on the project categories and focus areas are provided in the OBTP RFA application materials on the Transfer Payment Ontario platform.


Announcement Date: February 16, 2021

Closing Date: no later than 5:00 p.m. on April 30, 2021


Prospective applicants should apply for the RFA through Transfer Payment Ontario here:


To request further information on the 2021 OBTP RFA, send an email to bridgetraining@ontario.ca

Questions are to be submitted no later than March 5, 2021. The ministry will post a Question and Answer document on the Employment Ontario Partners’ Gateway on March 19, 2021 addressing the questions received.

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